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It all started when…

the clock changed to 2019. It was then that I realized that I was one year closer to the big 4-0. It was also then that I made a promise to go hard for myself. I thought of my legacy, and at the time it was definitely not something I wanted to be remembered by. Most importantly, God has given me way to much creativity to take to the grave yard with me. None of us know when we’re leaving; we just know that we are. When I leave this earth I want to be remembered for someone who was resilient, dedicated, and determined. Avalina Boutique was started for the purpose of redefining a legacy. It was the one thing I started with a clear reason, and a definite purpose.

Avalina Boutique is more than just a boutique. Everything about Avalina Boutique tells a part of a story and fits into a certain piece of my puzzle. The name Avalina is Celtic for lively and pleasant, and represents my love for words and etymology. In store we carry a little bit of everything for everyone. We are very proud of our men’s selection that is currently available in store only. In our online boutique, we offer pieces that are more trendy, and fit for the ladies who love online shopping. Whether you visit us online or in store, we want you to know that we are beyond grateful for you spending your time and money shopping with us.

With Sincere Gratitude

Vanessa D.


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